Rob Renaud (ru_linux_geek) wrote,
Rob Renaud

TrainLogic, you suck

I was in New Brunswick and I wanted to know when the next train was this Sunday. As anyone with a blackberry knows, the New Jersey transit website sucks on the blackberry browser. So I install this blackberry app from TrainLogic that seems useful.

Wow, what a giant waste of time. Ugh. Installing it involves copying a serial number from the application onto an online form and solving a case sensitive captcha (this is miserable on the auto text completing blackberry). Don't worry, if you screw up a single input, your input will be erased and you will need to start over, painfully retyping that 10 character serial and inputting another the 5 character random captca. If you unlock the app this far it will finally tell you that it is "randomly changing the train times." You can go online again and give them $7 for 6 month access to a schedule. No thanks. I feel like I should be getting paid for dealing with so much bullshit. It took me about 15 minutes to get here. Miserable!
Tags: trainlogic

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