Rob Renaud (ru_linux_geek) wrote,
Rob Renaud

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Macroeconmics wins

Good grades in 400 level classes don't make up for slacking in 100 level classes.

Here is an email from the professor of my Formal Langauges class.

I just wanted to tell you 5 that though some fluke of nature, there is a 5-way tie for highest average in the class (there is a <2 point spread). If I could give you an A+ I would.

And from my Distributed Systems grades page.

You received a grade of A+ as my way of indicating that your performance in this class was stellar. Unfortunately, Rutgers does not accept A+ grades on transcripts, so your grade will be recorded as an A.

And yet, I get a B+ in a 100 level Macroeconomics class with multiple athletes. But then again, I guess it's appropriate that a Linux user would kill the CS classes and struggle to understand the economy :)

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