August 12th, 2008

[Gamers-ny] Rob "Crackhead" Renaud Wins RftG World Championship, Positively Reinforces Addiction

Rob's reign as world-champion was, however, short-lived. Peter Schmitt, yesterday, with his masterful employ of the dreaded Galatic Federation / Trade League combo, served Rob a slice of humble pie. The price for this delicious mocel of baked good: Rob's RftG World Championship Belt. Down, but not out, Rob has pledged to remain addicted to RftG to the exclusion of his hair's kemptness.

Games Night. 6 PM. 5BB. RftG Intercontinental Championship up for grabs. No hitting other players with metal chairs please.

- Ross Fairgrieve

Of course, it wasn't a title match. For that, only next year's World Boardgaming Championship will suffice.